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Wednesday Keynote:
A Standards-Based, Fully-Open Software Platform for Smart Embedded Systems

Dr. Jong-Deok Choi, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics, Korea

Abstract: There has been an explosion of smart mobile devices over the last few years. These smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have changed many aspects of modern life. They have also enabled whole new industries to grow up that develop and manufacture "companion products" of the smart devices. These companion products, however, are mostly built around the smart devices, instead of being tightly integrated into them, and fail to utilize the full capabilities of the smart devices. The main cause for their failure is that the software platforms these smart devices are built on are not fully open. This hinders efforts by device manufacturers or software developers to create innovative new products or product categories based on those software platforms. In this talk, we present Tizen (, which is a "fully open" software platform for embedded systems. Tizen allows for everyone involved in building and using devices built on it to freely define, invent, add new features or business models, or create new device categories. Tizen offers an industry leading HTML5-based application APIs, the preferred development environment for apps and services for the future. The HTML5-based APIs make it easy for developers to create applications that run across various categories of devices such as mobile, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), Digital TV, netbooks, health and medical devices, etc. In this talk we also present Tizen's optimization technologies that enable HTML5-based applications to enjoy performance comparable to that of native applications. We also describe how Tizen balances the trade-offs between performance and power consumption, which is of extreme importance for mobile devices.

Speaker: Dr. Jong-Deok Choi is an Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics in Korea, and is currently in charge of the Software Platform Team within Samsung's Software Research Center. Before joining Samsung Electronics, he worked at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a Research Staff Member and Manager. While working at IBM Research, he contributed to optimizing Java Webservices applications, the JikesRVM open-source Java virtual machine (JVM), the PTRAN parallelizing-compiler project, and others. Dr. Choi has published over 50 technical papers in top journals and conferences on various fields in computer science, and holds over 20 US patents. He has served as a program (co-)chair, conference steering-committee member, and program-committee member for numerous technical conferences. Dr. Choi received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Sciences from University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA, in 1989 and 1985, respectively; M.S. in Electrical Engineering from KAIST, Korea, in 1981; and B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Seoul National University (SNU), Korea, in 1979.

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