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What’s in ITPro?

If you like the Books 24x7 Custom Collection but need access to a more extensive selection of technology books, Books 24x7’s ITPro library is a great choice. Your ACM membership makes you eligible for a specially priced $299 upgrade to Books 24x7’s comprehensive ITPro package—that’s 40% off the list price!

With ITPro’s collection of more than 10,000 books, you gain access to both broad and deep coverage of over 100 different technology topics, making this collection a must-have resource for just-in-time learning.
Premier industry publishers, such as Apress, Computing McGraw-Hill, Intel Press, John Wiley and Sons, Microsoft Press, MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Springer, Wrox Press and many more contribute front-list, bestselling, classic and niche titles.

Popular book series, such as The Complete Reference, Inside Out, Bibles and many others provide multifaceted, multi-skilled approaches to topics. With this unrestricted range, professionals, regardless of their level of expertise, can find answers to common, obscure and specialized problems that interrupt productivity and challenge them in their everyday workflow.

ITPro also includes community-driven content. This content, developed as a direct result of user requests, provides coverage of specific aspects of technology and on emerging technologies—coverage that is not readily available from traditional sources.

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Who Uses ITPro?

A must-have for any technology professional:
  • IT professionals
  • Programmers
  • Database designers
  • Network managers
  • Developers
  • IS/MIS staff
  • DB Administrators
  • Technical departments
  • Training departments
  • Web gurus
  • Technical project managers
  • Tech support staff
  • Help desk technicians
  • Information officers
ITPro Supports On-the-Job Problem Solving and Learning
Hundreds of thousands of technology professionals already rely on ITPro to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills for immediate results. They can:
  • Find ways to prevent hackers from penetrating computer networks
  • Brush up on publishing with Red Hat Linux
  • Find out how to make COM and .NET interoperate
  • Broaden their understanding of database architecture for warehousing
  • Create multi-user Access applications
  • Learn UML syntax
  • Become skilled at debugging XSLT transformations
  • Become an experienced Java programmer
  • Gain insights to knowledge management and knowledge engineering
  • Learn to balance tight security with an efficient workplace
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Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, Second Edition, by Richard Blum and Christine Bresnahan, is a jam-packed, comprehensive guide that will show Linux novices and pros alike how to manage file systems, install software, write scripts for graphical desktops, work with alternative shells, and more. It's just one of many great offerings you'll find in the ITPro collection.

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