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  • The Attention Machine

    ACM Administrator

    Human attention isn't stable, ever, and it costs us: lives …

  • Human Traffickers Caught on Hidden Internet

    ACM Administrator

    In November 2012 a 28-year-old woman plunged 15 meters from …

  • Look Into My Eyes: Tracking Your Gaze Could Be the Next Big Gaming Input

    ACM Administrator

    The bulk of the press release announcing a March 10 …




  • Securing Network Time Protocol

    Harlan Stenn

    Crackers discover how to use NTP as a weapon for abuse.

  • Model-Based Testing: Where Does It Stand?

    Robert V. Binder, Bruno Legeard, Anne Kramer

    MBT has positive effects on efficiency and effectiveness, even if it only partially fulfills high expectations.

  • Internal Access Controls

    Geetanjali Sampemane

    Trust, but verify.

Research Highlights

  • Technical Perspective: The Equivalence Problem for Finite Automata

    Thomas A. Henzinger, Jean-François Raskin

    As the equivalence problem is essential in many applications, we need algorithms that avoid the worst-case complexity as often...

  • Hacking Nondeterminism with Induction and Coinduction

    Filippo Bonchi, Damien Pous

    We introduce bisimulation up to congruence as a technique for proving language equivalence of nondeterministic finite automata...

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